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We are driven by technology innovation.


A team who comes up with ground-breaking innovative solutions for film-making and push through the boundaries. With the creative minds and technology coming together, they form an advanced solution of cinematography for film-making. Interestingly they also explore Virtual Reality and they go beyond the conventional approach of story-telling.

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From ideation to production of video content for short films, web-series and brand films; we do it all! Along with creative minds, the team believes in creating that visual experience that will leave your audience stunned.

VR Studio

Our creative engineers have cracked the conventional method of 360 degree film-making. We are breaking the limitations and creating new language of virtual reality experience with storytelling and technology support.

Brand films/Ads

Brand films and Ads is a beautiful process of instilling a brand’s idea into an emotional visual content. Having worked with global brands, the crew implements expert ideas to put forward exclusive brand image through moving pictures.

VR in Motion

We all enjoy watching a story of a different world but who would not want to move around, explore the virtual world a bit more, be a part of it too. After all, who doesn't like icing on cake? Experience motion in VR with our robotic ground and aerial solutions


Bringing out the reality of a subject is our specialty. Our film-makers will dig around and dive nose deep into the research to get answers to facts which remain unknown.

VR live

We can broadcast a cricket match live in 360 deg. Now hook up your VR glasses and watch live videos with an experience.

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